Agile Software Development

What Is Agile?


Agile refers to software development methodologies and frameworks that emphasize iterative delivery of working software, rapid and flexible response to change, and leveraging feedback to improve user-focused outcomes. The Agile approach to software development usually results in a product that is designed, engineered, and validated to decrease risk and increase business value to the greatest extent possible. Agile engineering methodologies are being widely adopted as a means of quickly responding to market opportunities, accelerating software development, and reducing cost.


Why Xpertis?


In addition to using Agile in our own development work, Xpertis boasts certified Agilists who excel at coaching our clients on Agile process solutions at the program and delivery team levels. We help clients implement the Agile mindset as well as particular Agile methodologies and frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, CI/CD, and the Spotify Squad Model. We also help clients structure their Agile development processes to ensure efficiency and scalability while arming them with customized metrics for tracking the efficiency of their Agile development.


Our Agile Software Development Services


Xpertis Agile approach allows us to develop high-quality software that meets stakeholders’ changing needs cost-effectively and faster than ever before. We also help clients build Agile capabilities and implement Agile concepts and methodologies

Tailoring Agile To Business and Technical Needs

x-pertis assesses what will be required to fulfill a client’s business needs, such as scaling Agile to match the client’s growth or meeting the demands of a changing market. We also assess what technical needs must be met, such as bringing a legacy system up to specification. These assessments are invaluable in shaping how we help our clients develop their Agile software solutions.

Setting Up the Agile Development Environment

Once we understand a client’s objectives and what it will take to reach them, we design the development environment—team composition, methodologies, and frameworks—to ensure success. This is where clients benefit most from x-pertis deep experience with Agile software development consulting. If appropriate given the client’s objectives, x-pertis coaches the program and delivery teams on which Agile methodologies and frameworks should be employed.

Tracking and Ensuring Agile Development Success

Along with helping to implement Agile, x-pertis defines metrics and indicators for measuring the success of the Agile development process. With these measures in place, quantitative analysis guides the way to successful Agile development.

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