The highest performing IT companies are characterized by:


  • Multiple daily on-demand deployments


  • Lead time for changes (code commit to production) and MTTR less than 1 hour


  • Change failure rate 0-15% (5x less than low performers)


  • Degree of automation:


  • 65% of testing


  • 70% or more for configuration management and deployment


  • Spending 21% less time on unplanned work / rework and 44% more time on new work than low performers


Source: 2017cby Puppet, DORA


Slow and inefficient software deployment processes cost the financial services industry $1.5 billion annually (Greenwich Associates)

Tailoring Agile To Business and Technical Needs

Xpertis assesses what will be required to fulfill a client’s business needs, such as scaling Agile to match the client’s growth or meeting the demands of a changing market. We also assess what technical needs must be met, such as bringing a legacy system up to specification. These assessments are invaluable in shaping how we help our clients develop their Agile software solutions.

Setting Up the Agile Development Environment

Once we understand a client’s objectives and what it will take to reach them, we design the development environment—team composition, methodologies, and frameworks—to ensure success. This is where clients benefit most from Xpertis deep experience with Agile software development consulting. If appropriate given the client’s objectives, Xpertis coaches the program and delivery teams on which Agile methodologies and frameworks should be employed.

Tracking and Ensuring Agile Development Success

Along with helping to implement Agile, x-pertis defines metrics and indicators for measuring the success of the Agile development process. With these measures in place, quantitative analysis guides the way to successful Agile development.


Continuous Integration


Best practices that improve quality and streamline development process:


  • Scalable CI
  • Pipelines
  • Fixed revisions and versions
  • Isolated changes and scope
  • No overnight builds — decomposition and parallel running.
  • Build config as code
  • Build on commit
  • Automatic code review
  • Reporting
  • Advanced analytics to support release processes

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